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Bugatti and Rimac join hands.

▪️ The newly formed Bugatti Rimac LLC is 45% owned by Porsche and 55% owned by the newly-formed Rimac Group.

▪️ Bugatti will now have access to Rimac’s high-output electric drivetrain technology, which could be a potential replacement to Bugatti’s famed and long-standing W16 petrol engine in the coming years.

▪️ Bugatti and Rimac will remain separate brands, retaining their respective current French and Croatian production facilities. However, from 2023, the newly formed company will be based at the new Rimac Campus on the outskirts of Zagreb.

▪️ Rimac’s powertrain, battery, and components development arm will be separated into a new, dedicated Rimac Technology division. But it remains independent and will continue to work with other manufacturers.

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